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    Legendary Performance. Guaranteed Results.

    What is a Fluid Energy Mill

    The Micronizer® is a fluid energy mill that uses air, steam or gas to control particle size from 250 nanometer to 45 microns. Its performance is legendary and its innovative design is guaranteed for life.

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    Throughput ranges from 
    gram samples to 10,000 lbs./hr

    Product fineness from
    45 to 0.25 microns

    Consistent tight controllable PSD with vortex classifier

    Contamination free grinding, no media or lubrication required

    Engineered for simple clean-up and product changeover

    No moving parts, utilizes compressed air, gas or super-heated steam

    Why Micronizer Milling Made Simple

    • Precise control of particle size distribution
    • Increased surface area
    • Spherical uniform particle shape to increase pack density
    • Improved bioavailability, reactivity and dissolution
    • Homogeneous mixing and blending performance
    • No heat created during milling protecting heat sensitive products
    • No product contamination
    • Maintenance free for improved uptime
    • Simple operation
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    Learn about our Money Back Guarantee

    We are so confident that Micronizer will exceed your expectations that we stand behind its performance with a no risk money back guarantee.

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