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    10 Reasons to Choose the Pharmaceutical Micronizer

    10 Reasons to Choose the Pharmaceutical Micronizer

    The Pharmaceutical Micronizer is the world’s most popular jet mill reviewed and accepted by the USDA. So there are many reasons why a company might choose the Pharmaceutical Micronizer to jet mill their active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients, but to make it easy for you, we listed the top ten reasons below:

    1. Pharmaceutical MicronizerUSDA Design: Engineered specifically for sanitary applications. Common materials such as orals, injectables, inhalers, topicals, antibiotics, nutritionals, steroids, vitamins and more
    2. Guaranteed Results: Consistently produces particles as small as 0.25 microns
    3. Narrow Particle Size Distribution: Ability to control and create a narrow Particle Size Distribution for more predictable performance
    4. Increased Surface Area: Increases surface area of materials improving dissolution rate leading to better reactivity and absorption (bioavailability)
    5. No Heat Generated: Operates by particle-on-particle attrition to grind
    6. Zero Contamination: No dead zones to trap material, no grinding media or lubrication to contaminate milled products
    7. Simplistic Design: Low maintenance with no moving parts, requires no tools for adjustments
    8. Easy to Clean & Sterilize: Disassembles by hand even in a glovebox isolator
    9. FDA Validation: Installation, Operational and Performance Qualification IQ/OQ/PQ Documentation available
    10. Flexibility: Low batch size through production size machines with throughput capacities from 1/8 to 300 lbs. an hour, and a wide variety of wear resistant liners, coatings, and polish options

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