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    3 Key Benefits of Jet Milling for Pharma & Bio-Tech

    3 Key Benefits of Jet Milling for Pharma & Bio-Tech

    Whether you are improving or developing a new drug, the jet milling technology needs to do more than simply reduce size. Increasing the bioavailability, reactivity and improving dissolution is also vital.

    Improving Bioavailability

    pharmaceutical indsutry

    The bioavailability of a drug is a category of absorption and how it reaches the circulatory system. It’s one of the most important principles of a drug’s characteristics and can be the determining factor of whether a drug passes the trial phase and gets to market.

    While also reducing the particle size, the Sturtevant Micronizer® increases the uniform area of the milled surface, which positively affects the rate of bioavailability.

    The uniform particle size also helps guarantee that each batch will be consistent in its bioavailability during production.

    Improving Reactivity

    Jet milling can produce an end product that is of uniform size with a larger surface area, this will help boost reactivity in pharmaceutical excipients. The Pharmaceutical Micronizer does not generate heat, so pharmaceutical materials are not contaminated or damaged during the particle reduction process which could negatively alter the desired reactivity levels.

    Improving Dissolution

    Pharma Micronizer

    The Micronizer produces consistent, smaller particle sizes that dissolve better in solutions. If a different rate of dissolution is required, the Pharmaceutical Micronizer can be easily adjusted to produce varying particle sizes.

    Learn more about the Pharmaceutical Micronizer.

    For detailed information about Sturtevant’s Pharmaceutical Micronizer, contact Rich Robatzek at info@micronizer.com or call 1-800-992-0209.

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