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    Micronization for University Research & Development

    Micronization for University Research & Development

    When deciding to support colleges, and universities, in their research and development projects requiring particle size reduction, you need to know that the grant funds are well-spent. The solution would also have to be cost-effective (staying within budget or grant limits is a necessity), flexible (the chance of processing the same material consistently is slim to none), and long-lasting which not only helps with budget/grant costs but also means that extended projects, or multiple projects, can benefit from the same technology.

    For the small spaces at colleges and universities, Sturtevant has two models of their Micronizer Jet Mill that will work in smaller spaces but allow for data collected from the particle reduction to be scaled up if the ultimate project requires higher capacities. The two models are the Qualification Micronizer with a capacity of 1-7 grams/minute and the 2-inch Micronizer with a capacity of 3-15 grams/minute depending on product fineness. Both machines utilize particle-on-particle attrition to reduce materials to narrow particle size distribution while increasing surface area which boosts bio-availability and reactivity.

    The two models of Micronizer Jet Mills are sized for easy transport between departments and/or workspaces. Keeping in mind budget constraints, both models are also priced accordingly for their size and capacity capabilities so will not break the bank. Universities can rely on these compact machines to process sensitive materials without causing damage or contributing to contamination so results will be guaranteed.

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