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    To Test or Not to Test That is the Question

    To Test or Not to Test That is the Question

    When approaching a particle reduction, or air classification, project one of the main questions to arise is “should I test or not test” when searching for the right solution. The simple answer – it at all possible, test. Testing can provide critical data including, but not limited to, confirming or denying product expectations, determining economic feasibility, and providing insight into needed customizations including liners or coatings.

    Here at Sturtevant, we stand fully behind the “test is best” philosophy but have to admit that sometimes that is simply not feasible. To allow us to determine if we can test a material, we ask everyone interested to complete our MSDS request form. Those that we turn away are for health and safety concerns for our lab technicians so while we are always open to consider testing a material, we will have to decline if you include the words “fatal if inhaled” when describing what you want to send to our lab. To Test or Not to Test

    For tests that are approved, we welcome those interested in the results to witness the tests at our facility based in Hanover, Massachusetts. While you are in the area, you can travel only 25 miles north to visit historic Boston or 17 miles south to Plymouth, home of the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock. After sightseeing, you can then watch your material processed in one, or more, of our machines.

    If we do have to deny your test request, some alternatives do exist. If your project was best suited for the Micronizer Jet Mill, you can jump straight into production with one of our lab size models (Qualification, 2″, 4″, or 8″). If you really need the testing, you can start on a 4″ Micronizer and use that data to scale up to your needed processing capacity.

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