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    Laboratory Testing


    Sturtevant has a highly skilled team of laboratory technicians with decades of experience to optimize equipment capacity and provide valuable observations, such as wear protection requirements and material handling recommendations. The data derived is used to scale-up to production equipment and to provide performance guarantees.

    Sturtevant encourages our customers to visit our Hanover, Massachusetts test facility to participate in equipment operator training, technical presentations, testing and evaluation. Our customers will benefit from hands-on experience and be able to evaluate and determine the best way to achieve fine particle sizes, validate product expectations and confirm economic feasibility.

    Sturtevant’s test facility has an extensive selection of process equipment for material trials and analysis.

    • Jet mills
    • Air classifying mills
    • Pin mills
    • Jaw crushers
    • Roll crushers
    • Disc mills
    • Hammer mills
    • Air classifiers

    Sturtevant’s testing center also features an analytical laboratory for material examination on certified and calibrated laboratory equipment. Our Laboratory Technicians and Product Managers will characterize your powders and help to determine the most efficient processing technology and provide a complete data report tailored to your needs.

    Our fully equipped analytical laboratory can measure your materials with:

    • Laser particle size analyzer
    • Air jet sieves
    • Ro-tap sieve shaker
    • Moisture content analysis
    • Free flow density analysis
    • Microscopy


    Sample testing must be scheduled. To arrange for a mutually convenient time, contact our Sales Department at 1-800-992-0209. Please follow the proper sample testing and evaluation procedures outlined below. Do not send sample materials until contacting Sturtevant for a Material Authorization Number. Materials can’t be processed or tested without a current Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Additional information may be required to ensure our employee’s safety.

    Prior to scheduling a test, the following information is needed:

    1. Completed MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
    2. Sturtevant Information Request Form
    3. Approval from Sturtevant’s Safety Committee with a MATERIAL AUTHORIZATION NUMBER to ensure safe handling and processing of your material
    4. Purchase order to cover the estimated cost of the test


    We unfortunately cannot safely handle all materials and may be forced to return certain unsuitable materials. Prior approval could save you unnecessary freight expenses. After approval by our Safety Committee, your materials may be sent, freight prepaid, to our Customer Testing Center:

    Sturtevant Processing Division
    348 Circuit Street Hanover, MA 02339
    Material Authorization Number __________.

    Important Notices

    • We are unable to accept collect shipments at our Customer Test Center. Materials sent collect are subject to being returned at your expense.
    • Sturtevant Safety Committee requires a Material Safety Data Sheet or equivalent and must be advised of any hazards involved in the handling and processing of customer’s materials.
    • We will return all the material we have received from you, including wastes, which will be packed separately.
    • For the safety of our personnel, Sturtevant Material Authorization Number must appear on outside of all shipments, or shipment will be refused.
    • Waiver of fees or credit against equipment purchase may apply and is evaluated on a case by case basis.